Urbanfly was born of passion for shoes, fashion and difference. Born of creativity, irreverence and courage of a team that creates each model as if it was a piece of art.

In each new design we find the commitment and dedication of all those who work to produce the brand and watch it grow.

We surprise ourselves with the ability to reinvent us on every new collection.

Our aim is to represent the spirit of a modern and cosmopolitan men and woman, who like to feel good in their shoes and most of all to feel secure in their choice.

We cultivate within our team the respect for our customers, which is reflected in the quality of the article "Made in Portugal".

We have a modelling and development section, equipped with the latest technology, which works towards approximate our products to the market requirements.

Hopefully we will surprise you with every new collection.

At Urbanfly we work for a more sustainable future that guarantees quality of life to the next generations and life on Earth. Because we believe that every step counts, we took action.

We rely on electric mobility to get us around and use green energy to design, produce and sell the best quality products. Now it’s your turn to take the next steps (with Urbanfly shoes, obviously).